Bags that didn't work out

Snout bag (did not work out)

I got a snout bag when I got my first DSLR. It was kind of like a big lens cap. It works okay with small and medium size lenses. But beyond a certain size it simply put won't fit. I used it for a while, but I never liked it and it never felt useful.

My second photo bag (did not work out)

The next bag I got was from Lowpro. Yo have probably seen it, it kind of looks like a tall box. I hated it. I think it was similar to the HP 150 Because it was too big for most cases, but too small to fit a lot of stuff. And it was too tall, so most of the time only the bottom half of the bag was in use.

Fjellreven Foldstack no 2

I got a large Fjellreven Foldstack messenger bag a while back. I did not work out. I replaced it with a Tom Bihn Synik within a year. It was okay bag, but it didn't work out for me becase the whole layout of the bag isn't that great for the kind of stuff I carry. Seriously. My Tom Bihn Pilot, who can fit inside the Foldstack with some room to spare can fit more of the stuff I want to carry on day to day than te Foldstack. This is all because of much better layout, a lot of smaller but not too small compartments instead of a few large.