Bags in use

Tom Bihn Pilot

  • It used to be my main bag for a long time. From I got my 2016 MacBook Escape until early 2019.
  • It is a great bag, that worked really well for the kind of stuff I wanted to carry. I can stuff more into that bag because of the great design than I can get into much larger bags. It is just very dense.
  • The Synik 22 are much larger, but I can almost fix the same amount of stuff into the Pilot.

Tom Bihn Synik 22

  • This is my current bag. But it is in for repairs at the moment.
  • But it has room for more stuff than the Pilot. I can stuff way more stuff than I should drag back and forth to work into it.
  • It is a clamshell bag so it is really easy to deal with.

Fjellreven Foldstack no 3

I got this bag because I sometimes want to bring some stuff, but not that much. Like my Kindle, a notebook and a camera. Or something similar. It is awesome for that, because it is not that big that you end up bringing a lot of crap.

Photobag Lowpro Nova 170AW 2

  • It is a small bag, I can fit my X-Pro 2, three lenses plus some batteries and SD cards.
  • This is the bag I bring when I just bring my camera and a few extra things. It is awesome for that.

Big camera backpack: Lowpro BP 250AW 2

  • This is a big backpack with room for some photo gear on the back of the bag, making it really hard to steam if off your back.
  • I like it a lot. But I alost never need it. Usually when I travel I'll not bring all of the other stuff with me so I bring the Nova and some other bag instead.
  • But when I need to bring a bunch of stuff and camera gear on a trip it is great.