I ordered a Trove Wallet in 2016. I think I got it right before easter. And I just love it. It is a really simple wallet or card holder with three compartments. A large in the middle and two smaller on each side. What makes it great however is that it is made out of an elastic material. This means that if you downscale the cards don't just fall out.

The one I have is still awesome, and I have no plans of getting rid of it. But it is showing some signs of wear. They have made a newer model since I got mine, and I'll maybe look into that when I the one I have fall apart. ime it made sense to have seperate web sites. But at this point it is just a bunch of extra work for me. And I have just continued writing a bunch of stuff for like a year even though I would have made more sense to combine the sites.

This means that I am going to write less about stationary stuff. But I'm still going to write some about it. And my overall goal is to continue writing 3 posts a week as I did when I had two different sites.