24 Bottle caps

I'm a huge fan of 24H, we have two their bottles. And I'm probably buy one of their coffee cups soon.

They are awesome, my bottle have been dropped in the street outside my house three times, each of them would have broken the previous bottles I have used.

There are two caps available for the 24H. A regular all metal twist cap. It is awesome. No leaking, ever. No condensation. Built like a tank and it does not look like anything could break it. And then they have a sports lid. It is made out of plastic. Instead of having to untwist it, you can flip up a straw and drink from it. I have used both. One of the time I dropped my bottle, it was with the sportslid and it split in two. But up until that it was great. It is way moe convenient, but it isn't as good as the regular one. There is some condensation on it, and it broke.