Emacs Getting Started

A super short getting started with emacs guide.

If you're just starting out, I strongly recommend to pick a Emacs Starterkits. Unless you have a good reason for doing so, I recommend using the emacs keybindings. I didn't start there, but I think it is the only way to really get emacs.

Then I recommend not doing a lot yet, just get to know how to move around and get some work done. After you're more comfortable I recommend learning how to configure emacs, not from scratch but learn how to install packages and configure them from your starter.

If you are using emacs keybindings I also recommend you to install no-easy-keys. It is the easiest way to get used to emacs keybindings as fast as possible.

At some point you probably get the urge to roll your own config. I have a really good super minimal starter for that. It is what I have based my config on. Or it was a result of my config. If you look at spacemacs or prelude or any other fancy emacs configuration system it is just packages that are set up in a particular way plus a system to handle their weird config stuff. That's it

You just need to figure out how to include the right packages to get thesame