Emacs Cheatsheet

This is mostly for me, but this is a growing list of keyboard shortcusts for Emacs. Some because I never recommend them others because others might find them useful.

  • M=meta/alt, C=control, S=super/windows/cmd, SPC=space.
  • C-x C-s: save
  • C-x s: save as
  • C-x C-f: open file
  • C-x h: mark entire buffer
  • C-x C-b: list buffers
  • C-x b: select buffer
  • Note: I have both(C-x b and C-x C-b) bound to ivy-switch-buffer on my system.
  • C-g: cancel what ever you're doing
  • M-x: run interactive command
  • M-m: first non whitespace character on a line
  • C-x [: page up
  • C-x ]: page down