Emacs for everything

A lot of emacs users have an urge to use emacs for almost anything. And I'm one of them. If I'm going to type more than a little, I want it to be inside Emacs because I'm really good at manage it and everything inside it. It have slowly been adjusted to work as close to how I want it to be as possible. This is my strategy for making it possible: Almost everything in my life is folders and files, most of them managed by Git repos. If I'm going to type I do it in emacs If something like running unit tests or debugging or showing code coverage is easier or better in a IDE I write the code in Emacs and do the other stuff in the IDE When I see something, and I know it isn't compatible with emacs I always think long and hard about if it is worth it (both sides of it), and usually end up using a less fancy version that works with emacs. To do everyhting in Emacs is in a lot of cases worse, but it makes my life a lot saner to do it this way.