Emacs version 27.1

Did a "live blog" as I was reading the newsfile yesterday. In my twtxt. Here is a more blog posty version, and a little bit longer version of that. Aka a summary of some of the stuff I saw in Emacs 27 that I really look forward to.

  • make-empty-file
  • There is a new elisp-function called make-empty-file that makes it really easy to make a empty file. This will be really useful for a lot of people for a bunch of stuff. For me it will make my emacs config more resillient. There are two files in my emacs config that isn't a part of the git repo (because they are local to that system, and should not be shared) that I today need to manually create for it to work. (personal.el for overriding config on that machine, and custom.el)
  • jsx support
  • This will make react development and web dev that use a similar HTML and JavaScript at the same time syntax much better in Emacs.
  • Tabs!
  • There is two kinds, one for having multiple window setups, and one more like regular tabs where it is a bunch of buffers in a tab-bar.
  • ISO 8601 date parsing
  • There is a new package making is much easier to parse ISO 8601 stuff.