Learning Emacs

Learning emacs will be a life long project, or at least for as long as you continue to use it. Before we continue, if you want to do anything with emacs other than how it comes out of the box will require you to write some Emacs lisp. And while emacs is great out of the box, the true power comes from making it the best possible for you and your needs. Read this. It is a gentle introduction. After that I recommend reading the introduction to emacs lisp. When you have all of that I recommend that you find a good emacs cheet sheet like this, and start using it. Google is your friend. Install a million packages and learn why it's not a great idea. When you are more familiar with emacs I strongly recommend that you read Mastering emacs, I have read it many times and it is awesome for learning emacs but also understanding it. I first read it in the hostpital after removing my appendix. And every serious emacs user or addict or whatever we are calling ourselves will read the Manual at some point. You can also get a meat space. I'm going to get one of them, but there are a few books from there I want to get (the emacs manual, the elisp manual and Stallman's books) but when I go there to check at least one of them have been out of stock. And I'm always happy to answer questions about emacs at