The Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking

I got this book as a christmas present for myself in 2020. I've had it on my book wish list for a really long time. It is considered one of the great cooking books for real Italian food.

Have not made a lot from it yet. But what I have made have been great.

Now. What you can make from the recipes (at least the ones I have used) are great. But there is however a big but in here. This is kind of a collection of her two first books. "The Classic Italian Cook Book" and "More Classic Italian Cooking", the first is written in the mid 70s. It might have been a little bit updated. And this is very much one of those books where you get a point by point instruction list. But it isn't a good point by point, because a lot of the time there are like 10 things in each of them.

This is very much one of the places where I have to re-write it after the first time I use it in my Recipe app to make it easy to follow.