Plan V1


  • Counting calories. Not very strict about it being accurate, but I'm always going to do it
  • Not having butter and mayo on things
  • Using light versions of stuff when possible
  • Never eat when full
  • Not having snacks outside Friday, Saturday and Sundays


  • Yoga of 15 minutes twice a week
  • Gym / Jog of 20 minutes twice a week
  • 3 hour walk with Ea once a weel
  • Walk the dogs every day
  • Use light versions of stuff, if they are not horrible
  • Smoothie for breakfast

Plan V2


  • 1 Crisp bread for breakfast
  • 2 Crisp breads for lunch
  • 2 Crisp breads between lunch and dinner
  • Light dinner
  • No snacks or unhealthy stuff outside weekends


  • Walk molly every day
  • A run or walk Ea each day
  • Yoga x 15 min 2 times a week.

Plan V3

  • Get to the KG below the low point the week before
  • High goal if I have a lot of progress: the KG under that


  • Follow a strict calorie counting until I take the weekend
  • I can take the weekend on Thursday if I get to the goal


  • Run at least 3KG
  • Walk Molly a long walk
  • Every day until I get to the goal
  • Some movement otherwise but less