Emacs Config changes


  • Re-added projectile and removed the go-to-code function I created to "replace" it.
  • Re-added restart-emacs
  • Fixed some syntax errors after yesterday
  • Disabled package verification again


  • I started to do a full review of a lot of stuff yesterday, including a full rewrite of my fish config. I removed over 400 lines of stuff I didn't consider "essential" or no longer needed. A summary under.
  • Re-enabled package verification
  • Removed font ligatures
  • Removed a lot of commented out code
  • Fixed a bunch of "mistakes" in the org document
  • Removed quelpa
  • Removed support for windows
  • Removed post to
  • Updated font section
  • Removed all my theme stuff and changed to afternoon theme
  • Removed nyan cat
  • Removed projectile
  • Removed docker and k8 stuff
  • Removed restclient
  • Removed C# support
  • Removed everything I don't use from my org config
  • Removed wiki-nav
  • Removed package-lint
  • Added Svelte mode
  • Removed elfeed
  • Removed eshell-z
  • Removed Deft and org-roam
  • Removed mastodon (because its broken)
  • Removed Restart-emacs
  • Added function for going to my "code root directory"
  • Removed git gutter
  • Removed counsel tramp
  • Removed functions and interactive functions no longer in use
  • Removed sp keybindings I don't use
  • Removed re-build and tramp ssh settings I don't need


  • Fixed Golang support. Not sure how long it have been broken
  • Changed to using a version of Dracula Pro.
  • Support for Caddyfiles
  • Emoji support


  • Re-added org-roam
  • nyan cat


  • Changed to a light theme modus-operandi-theme

End of 2020

  • Got rid of roam