Wiki changes Journal

This is a journal of the various ideas I get about how to deal with this wiki and what the result was.

Some time in 2019

  • Started a wiki that was generated from a org file through ox-hugo and then generated by gatsby

Later in 2019

  • I moved it over to being a Hugo sites

In Early 2020

  • Eli started to generate his wiki from a org file through pandoc to a single HTML file. And I love that so much that I copied the idea


  • I gave TiddlyWiki a serious look. But it honestly isn't for me. Not bad, just not for me. I prefer the outline like way this wiki is.


  • Not sure what I'm going to do when this thing does not scale anymore. One option might be to use something that turns org into json and build something from that.


  • Changed back to ox-hugo


  • Moving everything into Roam


  • Not sure what the future brings


  • back to having a public wiki
  • it is generated from my org-roam


  • Added some JS and CSS for syntax highlight code blocks