Workout Journal

From Mid March until current

  • Only hour and a half of dog walking each day. Because CONVID-19
  • I'll get back to the former routine once gyms open again.

From Early 2020 until Mid March

  • Walk the dogs for 1 hour each day

20 minute walk with steep incline at treatmill targeting fatburn heartrate twice a week

  • Yoga twice a week; usually 10 minutes, the goal is 20minutes. Twice a week


  • Did my first run of a 5k thing
  • Going to try doing this most days


  • Started a 5k programme


  • Have gone for a run every day except one since starting the programme.
  • Feeling a lot better.


  • Been trying to make not logging food work for me the last few days.
  • I feel that the first 2/3 of the day it works well.


  • Going to try going for 4 weeks without any snacks or candy, and see what impact that will have on my weightloss


  • I think I should just start running faster
  • Maybe by targeting 150 heart rate
  • Because I am not running fast enough