After leaving

Some notes I wrote down right after I decided to leave

The people / the community

Most of the time most of the people I interact with are really nice, and those I don't enjoy I try to not interact with. But one thing that I don't like about the culture is that sometimes people reply to me complaining about my sarcasm, snark etc. I get that all of us should be nice most of the time. There are still a place for snark and other more "rude" or what ever you want to call them forms of communication. And some of us including myself, use this all the time.

The native apps

The apps are mostly the same as when I joined. It is as far as I can see mostly a web app wrapepd in some native UI. That was fine in the start. But at this point I expect more.

The web interface / service

The web interface is not great, and I think it is really weird. You have some parts that are the service and some of it is the hosted service.

  • Neither is great. The CMS admin functionality looks like an after thought. And a lot of the web interface is similar to the "apps", but they don't work the same way. Like in the apps you can post to micropub sites but not on the web site.


The API is to a large extent based on Indieweb standards. And that is awesome. But as far as I can see the API does not have a lot of great documentation. I have tried to push Manton towards Open API Specifications once. Which I think would be a step in the right direction. But I also think that one should be able to do an app with the same features as the official one (including push notificaitons) with the official API. And it is really ridicolus that a CORS issue with the API have been open for like forever. This issue makes it impossible to make a web app that interacts with the API's without wrapping the API's in your own service.

Open Issues

In addition to the CORS issue, I have had this 24 hour clock issue with that I sent Manton within the first hour I used Still not solved, and I suspect there are a lot more of them.


I think have become a good service, even though this post is really negative. But I think it is time to stop adding new stuff. And make what is good. And solve existing issues.