Podcasts again

I did not do so when I wrote donw the idea for this blog post, but I did a while after. I re-installed Overcast. Deleted everything in there. And then I subscribed to everything Dan Carlin. But that is just like 3-4 podcasts per year. And then I re-subscribed to Two Headed Girl. That was about it. For a really long time. But when I got into learning myself Go I also subscribed to GoTime a weekly podcast about Go. And a while later Emacs cast. At this point only one of them publish weekly or in any way regular. So I kind of just open Overcast once a month and listen if there are anything new. I'm not at all back into podcasting. And I have zero interest in re-subscribing to any of the stuff I used to listen to. Most of the Apple Tech stuff bore me to death.