Understanding your dog

To understand your dog can be hard to some people. But I think it is to a large extent very easy. That doesn't mean I think it is easy to use that to get dogs to behave as I'd like. There are basically two ways to get a dog to do as you'd like: fear or treats. I prefer treats, because you feel much better about it and it has much less negative side effects. Most of what a dog does is instinct or simple gratification. They run out the open door because it is fun to run around. And they steal the food from the table because food taste good. And they break your sofa because it was exciting smells coming out of that tiny hole that suddenly got bigger as the snout got inside it. But most things you don't want a dog to do can be circumvented by traning them to always come to you when you call by giving them treats when they do. Also: most bad behaviour come from people encouraging it by for example giving them food by the table.