Analog photography tricks

Getting a manual 35mm film camera have been the thing I have learnt the most about photography from.

Having to adjust all the parameters manually have thought me how to work efficiently with them on all cameras. You need to adjust shutter speed, f-stop and focus; and pick a ISO speed and stick to it for the entire film. Sometimes you use a film that is unusable for the situation and you need to change it. And that means wasting money.

What I do a lot of the time shooting analog is that I set the shutter speed to 1/50th of a second, the slowest I can shoot handheld without having to think aobut it and then I just adjust f-spot. To make zooming easy I also a lot of them time always go for the biggest f-stop possible, unless I'm for some reason really want a shallow depth of field.

Back in my street shooting days I used to just pre-set everything and wait until some subject walked into the distanced I had zoomed for. Oh yeah, and if you can shoot in f8 almost everything is in focus. I placed a Contigo mug with the Autoseal system, because it was really hard to clean and the system broke down after about a year.