A digital leica

I originally wrote about this a few years ago. So a Leica camera or lense is expensive as fuck. Their 50mm f/0.95 would cost as much as my car. 90k NOK the last time I looked into it.

Here is the thing though. If you got a M3 in the 50s or M6 in the 80s or 90s. Then you'd have one of the best analog cameras ever made. If you'd sent it in for maintainance now and then both of them would still be more or less the same shape as you got it. There would be some wear and tear on superficial stuff. But it will outlast you. And because of how analog photography works any 35mm camera ever made can still use the latest innovation in films. I don't remember when 35mm became a thing, but probably the early 1900s. So over a 100 years ago.

And the batteries you have in a M6 is something you find in every grocery story.

A true digital M would be like that. It would be minimal, rock solid and lasting forever. Made in a way where you could use the latest innovations even decades later. It is the only way I can see any justificaiton for the price.

I see none of that in the current digital Leicas.