Photography: focal lengths

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  • These are some notes about my views on lens focal lengths. They are in 35mm, if you have a crop sensor like a Fuji or Nikon or Sony you need to divide it by 1.6 or multiply it to go the other way; or 1.5 for Canon. For example a 35mm on 35mm film is 23mm on a Fuji.
  • Fisheye: a fisheye should have 180 degrees of view, it is the widest you can go and keep a square image. I have one true 180 degrees one that is a 12mm.
  • 35mm: I think this focal length is the perfect when you just want to walk around shooting snapshots
  • 50mm: Great if you want a little bit more control of what's in the image than a 35; also great if you want soemthing that's good for both portraits and snapshots.
  • 70-90mm: The perfect for portraits.
  • I prefer primes, because they are much easier to shoot with one handed; and I prefer the smallest lens possible over the lowest f-number possible