Good street lens

What is a good lens for street photography?

What you want from a lens when you do street photography is something light and compact, because those grams really adds up if you walk around for 8 hours shooting. And haivng a very fast lens is not that important. Maybe if you shoot at night or in dark places. But a lens like a f/2 or f/2.8 is more than fast enough.

Some techniques I used to use when I shot street: I used manual focus, because you don't want to wait for it, set it to f/8 because then most of it is in focus anyways, and shutter speed and ISO to auto. WIth those settings you can just shoot without waiting much.

When it comes to focal lenghts it all depends on taste, I prefer a 50mm for street. A lot of people like a 35mm or 28mm. It all depends on how close you want to get. If you think people will discover you easier with a wider lens getting closer, my expereince is the oposite. I shot a lot of street with a 12mm, and with that you can almost touch them with the lens without them thinking you are shooting them.

Anyways. I like a 50mm because it is easier to control what is in the frame than with something wider.