Link sharing workflow

All links I see online I want to read or check out are sent to Instapaper. Then at some later point I read it, and mark it with a "like" if this is something I want to share and add it to drafts(and later OmniFocus) if I want to do something with it like buy it or learn it etc. I share up to 50 likes every friday, so I have this constant flow of stuff. This is how I do it, and it is not a pretty workflow because I have no access to the Instapaper API

  • My likes that have not been shared yet are stored in a list of links in a file named, when there are less than 50 lines in it I do the following
  • I download a CSV export from Instapaper
  • I run this go program and paste the output into my org document
  • I run a M-x command to sort the lines and remove duplicates
  • Then I go into the instapaper website, click likes and run the javascript snippet below until all likes are removed
Object.values($(".action_link.star_toggle.starred")).map(x => $.get(x.href).then(y => {}))