More retractable fountain pens

There are a few retractable fountain pens on the market. Most notably the Pilot Vanishing Point, and Lamy has a model. Plus I think Mont Blanc have some as well. Anyways. The last time I looked into things there was only one good retractable fountain pen: The Vanishing Point. I think it is a huge problem. First of all, the only way to drive innovation, design and price is when there are real competition. I don't use my VP a lot. But sometimes I do. There are some things about it I don't like

  • The converter holds too little inks
  • It is a slow starter
  • The design is weird
  • The location of a clip is not good for a lot of left handed people. I don't mind it, but a lot of people do.
  • I have also heard that the size of the pens isn't the best for women.