Going back to zsh

I used bash without much of customization beyond changing EDITOR and PATH for the longest time, and then I got into zsh at some point. And for years I dragged along this configuration that was copy pasted junk. It was like 100s of lines. And at some point I merged it with the default oh-my-zsh config.

Then at various points I have tried to migrate to fish. But there is always something that breaks with it. Some times it was a lack of && support. Then a few months ago I had to leave it again, this time it was because the autocomplete got all fucked up because I have a bunch of commands where I just write a bunch of text.

I miss some of fish's features. But outside of the fish autocomplete the setup is more or less the same for me.

This time I did something different though.

I deleted everything and started from scratch.

It will hopefully sick for a while. My shell setups usually last for like 2-3 years.