Blue Snowball ICE

I have been looking for a better microphone setup for work meetings since the pandemic started.

At my previous work we got these Jambra over the ear headsets with the microphone on a stick in front of your head. I hated everything about it. The headset wasn't good for music, and I didn't think it was combortable to wear. And the whole microphone thingy made me really uncomfortable.

When I changed jobs I decided to find something better. I decided it had to be an external microphone because the stick thingy made be uncomfortable, and the mic on a cable thingy doesn't work well with a beard. And I prefer to use the same microphone for listening to music and to attend meetings.

In general I prefer to have multiple seperate things instead of a combined thingy. If I want to get a better microphone I don't need to take anything but the microphone into consideration.

I landed on a Blue Snowball ICE. It isn't anything fancy like what most podcasters use. But it is much better than the built in microphone in a few aspects.

  • It isolates out background stuff much better
  • I'm able to be much closer to it than the built in one with my homeoffice setup
  • It isn't located in a way where it becomes useless if the fan spins on my computer. At multiple times I've had to shut down docker, dropbox or a lot of what I am doing for people to hear me.