I use Firefox Developer Edition on my "real" computers and Safari on my iPhone.

Back when I used a Mac at work, my setup was usually Safari for browsing and Chrome for edevelopment and sometimes just Chrome or just Firefox. These days I want all of my desktop browsing setup to be in one browsers, with support for syncing and all of that. I don't want to deal with keeping multiple setups kind of similar.

So I just use one browser.

Safari is a good browser, but isn't cross platform and their plugin development community isn't good enough. Chrome isn't something I can support because I think Google and

Facebook are evil

Brave is obviously out because it was funded by the father of Javascript who was fired from Mozilla because he was a homophobic asshole. At this point I won't use anything that use Chromium as its base.

Mozilla is usually a company that line up with my concerns and opinions and the browser may not be as good as Chrome in some areas it is as good

in like 95% of the time.

This is probably a loosing battle. But it feels good to take a stand. Currently testing out Safari again, because I'll be back on the Mac full time in my new job