Carbon copy clonercar versus SuperDuper

I used SuperDuper as my clone tool of choice for years. Most likely 2010 until 2020.

Then I earlier this year dumped it.

I still prefer the simplicity of SuperDuper. But CCC is much better when you clone more than one drive. After the initial setup I just connect CCC, leave it. And it will clone my system drive, and deplicate my Archive 1 drive to the Archive 2 drive if it hasn't been done in 4 days.

I usually just connect it every saturday, leave it for an hour or so and it's all done.

CCC is a tool made for setting up "tasks" e.g something you do all the time. While SuperDuper is better suited for if you do one tasks every time or do a different task every time. Not going to go all nuts with it.