MacBook Pro 16

My new work laptop is a MacBook Pro 16". This is the largest computer I have owned since I used a 2009 MacBook Pro between 2010 and the end of 2012. Here are my initial impression after a little more than a week.

  • It is a lot bigger
  • I love having more ports, than on my MacBook Escape
  • It is a lot faster than my 2016 MacBook Escape.
  • The screen is awesome
  • The new keyboard is a lot better
  • I like the touchpad
  • And I love the touchID thingy
  • It is really hard getting used to writing on it
  • On the 13" the keyboard are more or less aligned to each side, while on the 16 there are much more space between the end and the keyboard Not sure if I would have gone for a 16 myself.