Changed my RSS setup again

Back when I worked for Sbanken I didn't really have anything personal on my work computer, because it was a Windows laptop, and I didn't really enjoy using it at all. Since I also spent most of my time typing into Rider or VS Code. But when I started working for Knowit I got a Mac and I'm slowly getting back into multi computer stuff.

Currently I have set up Dropbox. So most of it works without many problems.

I was using Reeder + iCloud as my RSS setup. Then I decided to give NetNewsWire a shot, and I liked it a lot. So I also got back into Feedbin.

I don't know how to describe NNW. It is kind of how Mac Apps used to be. Nothing special really just looks and feels like a great Mac App. Works like you expect it to.

The only thing I miss in it is the ability to add shortcuts like you can in Reeder and ReadKit. There you can send to browser or instapaper or clear away the read article with a single key stroke. Like "b" or "c". In NNW you need to to use the OS features and do thingsl like CMD+B, CMD-C etc.

It works, but not exatly what I wanted.

Anyways. A few days in the setup works great.