In general I like Mastodon. There are a lot of drama, and it is messy. But I mostly enjoy it. It is a constant battle of following interesting people and unfollowing people who are too much. But I feel like I'm following a more diverse group of people on there than I have ever done anywhere else.

I played around on Mastodon.Social for a few hours after leaving, and I decided to give it a go so I got a domain and made my own instance on Curretly just me. But reach out if you want an account. Here are some of my thoughts after being for a long time on

  • I hate re-tweets, boosts or what ever. Most of the time.
  • It is silly how they have cooked up their own terms for everything twitter
  • If you get a handle from someone like and you want to check them out on their instance because that will have all of their posts something your instance probably won't. You first need to re-write it to and then back again if you wish to follow him or her. This process should be a lot better.
  • It feels a lot more like twitter. But not as horrible. More like twitter 10 years ago, than twitter 5 years ago.
  • I feel much more welcome here than
  • My handle is:

Federated timeline when it's not just you on the instance

Back when it was just me on my mastodon instance the federated timeline wasn't that useful, because it was more or less the same as my own timeline. And the home timeline was just my crap. But now that there are two more people there, I spend more and more time looking at the federated one. Have found a few cool follows there.