Window Management on OS X

I think Window Management on OS X are very much optimized for how most people use a computer, either full screen or piled on top of each other. The default window sized are mostly good for people who don't care that much. And if you take into consideration that most people have a 13" MacBook of some sort and the kind of resoution it has from factory I think it is fine.

But that is not me. Or that is how I do it when I use the built in screen.

I use moom, I have tried counless alternatives but moom works the best for me. You can do a lot with Moom. My use of it is very simple, I use the five default size optionsm, and I have added four more (resizing it to 1/4 of the screen). If I use my MacBook as a laptop I either use the entire screen of a space or I run it in fullscreen mode. And if I'm using my 27" 4K screen I resize most apps most of the time to use 1/4 of the screen. sometimes I use Goland in fullscreen, but that is rare.

Moom makes this resize process really fast, I just hover click click on each window and the whole process is over in seconds per space.