There is this guy on mastodon that really annoy me. At first glance he is a interesting guy who does his website in C to save energy and lives off the grid on a boat.

But I think he is just a poor mans RMS. His off the grid life is not that off the grid when you take into consideration that he makes a living from Patreon supporters. And the energy he saves from writing his website in C instead of something else staticly generated pales when you take into consideration that he use a Mastodon instance

If you just ignore all his personal flaws and look at RMS's no compromise on privacy and open source it's amazing the lengths he have been willing to go in order to live a Open Source existance without giving up his privacy.

This guy is just a pale imitation. And most of his views on stuff like eating meat and a like is just plain eco facism that makes the progress to carbon neutral or negative or what ever we need to go much harder.

I just think people like these are privileged assholes who live off their followers.